In 1937, J. Passies sr., laid the foundation for an enterprise which has built up a (inter)national reputation as an reliable moving company, that garantees an extremely high level of quality. Passies Movers, today, counts on their professional, qualified and motivated teams. The teams can guarantee a perfect service performance because of the regular refreshers courses and vocational training. The Passies fleet comprises modern air suspension moving vans in many dimensions, equipped with tailgate units. Passies also has various electric and hydraulic lifts,  fork-lift trucks, cranes and mobile loading and unloading platforms.

Passies Movers, a service business, is tuned to a great diversity of destinations and transports. We therefore have a assortment of modern and varied packing materials. Cartons in different types are specially developed, quilt pas wraps, wardrobe boxes and wooden lift vans custom-made guarantee the safety and protection of large and small, precious objects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As it is becoming clearer how fragile the Earth is and how careful we have to deal with our natural resources, sustainability is the order of the day. Passies Movers do their part by implementing a CSR policy in accordance with ISO 26000. In corporate social responsibility (CSR) Passies Movers takes responsibility for the effects of business on people and environment. We make conscious choices in order to achieve a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

We use your home move to make the world greener

Passies Movers uses your home move to make the world greener. For each home move we provide, Planet Urgence plants a tree. We consider this a crucial way of improving the environment for people living in vulnerable regions.

About Planet Urgence

Planet Urgence aims to strengthen local communities while at the same time protecting nature. By sharing knowledge, educating people and receiving technical support, whole groups of people are given new chances.

Planet Urgence offers help to these people by transferring local knowledge. Local partners are provided with support in the long-term. In addition, donations are made for projects in which natural environments can be restored, by planting trees and repairing the ecosystem, for example.

Small tree growing from hands photo on page about Passies Verhuizers.