Climate Controlled Storage and Furniture Disposal

Climate Controlled Storage

Heating systems, special fans providing the best air circulation, electronic security systems for fire and theft prevention, and humidity regulation, for example – these are essential facilities which guarantee that one’s goods or inventory are in good hands at a Passies storage center.

Archive storage

In order for your company to free office space, save time of your employees, to store in a safe way Passies is able to arrange filing and storing of your company’s archives.
Passies Removals has more than 60,000 m2 of climate-controlled storage centers spread over the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

Moving and Storage

Passies Movers is your partner for all your professional moving services. From packing your office equipment, storing you archive or providing project based moving solutions Passies delivers high quality moving services that fit your budget and schedule.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the storage facilities and moving services of Passies Movers.

Furniture disposal

We are more than willing to dispose any redundant material such as furniture, old files and electrical appliances. Often for free and sometimes for a small fee we are able to make sure that old files are destroyed, old furniture will find a new destination or will be delivered for recycling, electrical appliances will be disposed environmentally friendly.

We can seize the opportunity to dispose old materials from your office; a move is often the perfect opportunity for adjusting your office furniture to the new workspace.