European move and relocation

Moving beyond the borders is a daily routine in Europe today. Passies Removals even has specialized departments which are responsible for planning and carrying out moves within all European countries. And these are not only the countries that are already members of the European Union. Passies also regularly moves to and from all other European destinations.

Moving within or to Europe

Naturally, after notifying us of your plans to move within Europe, you will receive a visit from the moving adviser. All details concerning the move will be discussed thoroughly. The adviser will also give attention to any conditions or formalities, and will inform you of the minutest details relating to the move to your destination. The transport of all the goods – directly from door to door – is carried out on the dates of your choice. In addition, Passies Removals knows the regular joint cargo routes with a frequency to and from virtually every destination in Europe.

A European network of moving experts

Throughout Europe, Passies has set up a network of its own offices and agents who work exclusively for the organization. This guarantees the utmost care of your goods everywhere in Europe!

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Intercontinental move

If you decide to move to an overseas destination, Passies Removals is ready for you. For this type of move, proper preparation, personal attention, meticulous timing, teamwork, expertise and trust are binding conditions for having all phases of the relocation process run smoothly. Here as well, the moving adviser is an indispensable key-figure. The adviser fully informs you of the relocation project, the insurance aspects and the delivery at the destination. The choice is often made for transport by ship in a sealed 20/40 ft container, joint cargo container or custom liftvan.

Passies movers intercontinental moving

Passies movers provides a complete set of services and intercontinental moving solutions to countries all over the world including:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

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Passies Movers is FAIM Certified

Passies is FAIM certified. FIDI FAIM stands for Accredited International Mover. Where the better known ISO standard focuses on the proper execution of administrative processes, FAIM focuses on the effective implementation and performance of a move. Are the right packaging materials being used, the staff is well trained, are the trucks in good shape, are the reliable shipping companies used, etc. FAIM goes a step beyond ISO and Passies is happy that she meets the standards of FAIM obligations without a doubt.

Internationaal verhuizen
Passies Verhuizers

Local move and residential moving

For most people, moving is a fairly uncommon event. For the experts at Passies Removals, it’s their daily job. Passies Movers has many years experience with residental moving project, both national and international, and makes sure your move is hassle and stress free!

A moving adviser to discuss your needs

And how does it work exactly? After your inquiry, the moving adviser comes to visit. Your personal wishes and demands are discussed. During this meeting, all the phases of the move are clearly and meticulously discussed. After the adviser’s visit, you will receive a detailed quotation.

Full-service residential moving and relocation

With Passies movers rour residential move is in the best hands, offering you a full-service moving solution. You can leave the disassembly and assembly of furniture, the packing of small and fragile objects, antiques and special objects, such as works of art, to the Passies specialists. Hanging garments are transported in special wardrobe boxes, wrinkle-free.

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Help with loading and unloading

Many people choose to pack small articles such as clothes, books and breakable items by themselves. Passies is more than willing to assist you in loading, transporting en unloading of the boxes and furniture. Also, you can decide if you require the Passies’ movers to arrange the disassembling and mounting of your furniture.

Packers and movers saves you time

Please keep in mind that the packing of the smaller goods takes a fair amount of time. Our movers work with a pace that will save you time so you will feel at ease in your new home quickly.

Please contact Passies Movers for more information about our residential moving services.